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Download27 Dec 2015Lidcombe AM Seeking God's Will Colossians 1:9-14Seeking God's WillEugene Hor
Download27 Dec 2015Burwood AM The Son The Giver of Life John 5:1-30JohnOwen Seto
Download27 Dec 2015Lidcombe PM Hearing And Doing James 1:19-27JamesThomas Lai
Download25 Dec 2015Lidcombe AM Christmas Sacred, Christ Massacred Matthew 1:18-25; 2:1-18; 20:28Meaning of Christmas to aspects of Christian lifeEugene Hor
Download25 Dec 2015Burwood AM God With Us Matthew 1:18-25ChristmasOwen Seto
Download20 Dec 2015Lidcombe AM God's Faithfulness: The Song of Royalty, The Son of Promise Matthew 1:1-18Meaning of Christmas to aspects of Christian lifeSimon Wong
Download20 Dec 2015Burwood AM Springs of Living Water John 4:1-42JohnOwen Seto
Download20 Dec 2015Burwood PM The Sufficiency Of God's Grace And Power 2 Corinthians 12: 1-102 CorinthiansEugene Hor
Download13 Dec 2015Burwood PM Engaging Society And Culture As God's People 1 Peter 21 PeterChong Shao
Download20 Dec 2015Lidcombe PM Life, Death and Rebirth of Desires James 1:12-18ChristmasThomas Lai
Download13 Dec 2015Lidcombe AM The Sufficiency Of God's Grace and Power 2 Cor 12: 1-10Meaning of Christmas to aspects of Christian lifeEugene Hor
Download13 Dec 2015Burwood AM The New Birth John 3:1-21JohnDaniel Lee
Download13 Dec 2015Lidcombe PM The Word Made Flesh John 1.1-18ChristmasSimon Wong
Download06 Dec 2015Lidcombe AM God's Good Design For Wives: Sacrificial Love Ephesians 5:21-33God's Good Design for MarriageEugene Hor
Download29 Nov 2015Lidcombe AM God's Good Design For Husbands: Sacrificial Love Ephesians 5:21-33God's Good Design for MarriageEugene Hor
Download29 Nov 2015Burwood AM The Respectable Sin of Fear Mark 4:35-41Simon Wong
Download29 Nov 2015Lidcombe PM The Hidden Hand of God Book of EstherEstherPeter Hughes
Download15 Nov 2015Lidcombe AM Stepping out in faith in the midst of adversity Exodus 2God's Good Design for MarriageSteve Chong
Download22 Nov 2015Burwood AM The Glory Of The New Temple John 2:1-25JohnOwen Seto
Download22 Nov 2015Lidcombe PM The End Of The Matter Ecclesiastes 12Wisdom LiteratureSimon Wong
Download22 Nov 2015Lidcombe AM God's Good Design For Marriage: Equal And Complementary Gen1:26-28; 2:19-25 ; Phil 2:5-11God's Good Design for MarriageEugene Hor
Download08 Nov 2015Lidcombe AM The Best Sex Gen1:26-28; Gen2:15-28God's Good Design for MarriageEugene Hor
Download15 Nov 2015Burwood PM God's Good Design For Marriage: The Foundation Ephesians 5:23-33; Genesis 1:26-28; 2:24EphesiansEugene Hor
Download15 Nov 2015Burwood AM Witnesses to His Glory John 1:19-51JohnOwen Seto
Download08 Nov 2015Burwood AM We Have Seen His Glory John 1:1-18JohnOwen Seto
Download25 Oct 2015Burwood AM Growing Through Hardship Hebrews 12:1-13Growing Your FaithJeremy Tan
Download08 Nov 2015Burwood PM Life, Death & Rebirth of Desires James 1: 19 - 27JamesThomas Lai
Download15 Nov 2015Lidcombe PM Wisdom & Death Ecclesiastes 9Wisdom LiteratureSimon Wong
Download08 Nov 2015Lidcombe PM The Wisdom Of Money Ecclesiastes 5:11-17Wisdom LiteratureSimon Wong
Download01 Nov 2015Lidcombe AM Build On Covenant Love Gen2:24; Mal2:14; Song8:6-7God's Good Design for MarriageEugene Hor
Download01 Nov 2015Burwood PM Life, Death & Rebirth of Desires 1 James 1:12-18JamesThomas Lai
Download01 Nov 2015Burwood AM Growing Yourself 2 Peter 1:3-11Growing Your FaithOwen Seto
Download25 Oct 2015Lidcombe AM God's Good Design for Marriage: The Foundation Eph5:25-33; Gen1:26-28; 2:24God's Good Design for MarriageEugene Hor
Download25 Oct 2015Lidcombe PM A Smashing Salvation Judges 4JudgesEugene Hor
Download11 Oct 2015Lidcombe AM Paul and the Ephesian Elders Acts 20:13-38Paul's Mission in ActsPeter Hughes
Download18 Oct 2015Burwood AM Growing In One Body Ephesians 4:1-16Growing Your FaithOwen Seto
Download18 Oct 2015Burwood PM When the Tough Gets Going James 1:1-4JamesThomas Lai
Download11 Oct 2015Burwood PM Sex & Sexuality Colossians 3:1-12ColossiansSimon Wong
Download11 Oct 2015Burwood AM Enjoying God in Prayer Hebrews 4:14-16Growing Your FaithOwen Seto
Download18 Oct 2015Lidcombe PM The Good Guys The Bad Guys And The Us Guys Luke 18.9-17Baptism SermonEugene Hor
Download27 Sep 2015Lidcombe AM Seeing The City With New Eyes Acts 17:16-34Paul's Mission in ActsOwen Seto
Download04 Oct 2015Burwood AM Delighting in God's Word Psalm 1Growing Your FaithOwen Seto
Download04 Oct 2015Burwood PM Enemies In Your Own Household Matthew 10:32 - 39HebrewsEugene Hor
Download27 Sep 2015Burwood AM Final Words, Judgement And Preparation Malachi 3:13-4:5MalachiKevin Huynh
Download04 Oct 2015Lidcombe PM The Art Of The Disappearing Sword And Faith Judges 3.12-4.1JudgesDanny Lam
Download27 Sep 2015Lidcombe PM When the Tough Gets Going 1 James 1:1-4When the Tough Gets GoingThomas Lai
Download20 Sep 2015Lidcombe AM Courage To Preach Acts 17:1-15Paul's Mission in ActsOwen Seto
Download20 Sep 2015Burwood PM An Unfinished Race Numbers 13-14; Hebrews 3:5 - 4:11HebrewsEugene Hor
Download20 Sep 2015Burwood AM The Perfect Mindfulness of God Malachi 2:17-3:18MalachiDan Lee
Download20 Sep 2015Lidcombe PM Searching for Meaning: The Grip of Time Ecclesiastes 3Wisdom LiteratureSimon Wong
Download13 Sep 2015Lidcombe AM God on the move Acts 16:6-34Paul's Mission in ActsAndrew Ku
Download14 Sep 2015Burwood AM The God of the Covenant Malachi 2:1-16MalachiHarry Lam
Download13 Sep 2015Lidcombe PM Searching for Meaning in Pleasure Ecclesiastes 1:12-2Wisdom LiteratureSimon Wong
Download06 Sep 2015Lidcombe AM The Jerusalem Council Acts 15:1-29Church On MissionPeter Hughes
Download07 Sep 2015Burwood AM Worthy God, Worthy Worship Malachi 1MalachiBrendan Leighton
Download06 Sep 2015Lidcombe PM The Meaning of Life Ecclesiastes 1:1-11Wisdom LiteratureSimon Wong
Download30 Aug 2015Lidcombe AM How Long O Lord? Rev.6-7RevelationEugene Hor
Download30 Aug 2015Burwood AM Open Doors & Wise living Colossians 4:2-6ColossiansOwen Seto
Download30 Aug 2015Burwood PM Abimelech: The Kingship Of The Thornbush Judges 8:33 - 10:5JudgesEugene Hor
Download30 Aug 2015Lidcombe PM Lust 1 Cor 6 : 12 - 20Respectable SinsKevin Huynh
Download23 Aug 2015Lidcombe AM At The Heart Of The Universe Rev.4-5RevelationEugene Hor
Download23 Aug 2015Burwood AM Do It All In His Name Colossians 3:17-4:1ColossiansOwen Seto
Download23 Aug 2015Lidcombe PM Fear and Worry Mark 4:35-41Respectable SinsSimon Wong
Download15 Aug 2015Special Marriage Refresh 4 - Lovers Marriage RefreshScott & Kim Parry-Jones
Download15 Aug 2015Special Marriage Refresh 3 - Partners Marriage RefreshScott & Kim Parry-Jones
Download15 Aug 2015Special Marriage Refresh 2 - Friends Marriage RefreshScott & Kim Parry-Jones
Download15 Aug 2015Special Marriage Refresh 1 - Strengthening the "We" Marriage RefreshScott & Kim Parry-Jones
Download16 Aug 2015Lidcombe AM The Church That Overcomes Rev.2-3RevelationEugene Hor
Download16 Aug 2015Burwood PM Vengeance Belongs To The Lord 1 Samuel 24: 1-221 SamuelThomas Lai
Download16 Aug 2015Burwood AM Put On Love Colossians 3:12-17ColossiansOwen Seto
Download16 Aug 2015Lidcombe PM Envy and Jealousy 1 Samuel 18:5-9Respectable SinsSimon Wong
Download09 Aug 2015Lidcombe AM Jesus, God's Middlle 'C' Rev.1: 9-20RevelationEugene Hor
Download09 Aug 2015Burwood AM Living Out Our New Identity In Christ Colossians 3:1-17ColossiansOwen Seto
Download09 Aug 2015Lidcombe PM Anger Genesis 4:1-12Respectable SinsSimon Wong
Download02 Aug 2015Lidcombe AM Learning To Live On The Razors Edge Rev.1: 1-8RevelationEugene Hor
Download02 Aug 2015Burwood AM Full To The Brim In Christ Colossians 2:6-23The Complete ChristianOwen Seto
Download02 Aug 2015Lidcombe PM Sins Of The Tongue Ephesians 4:17-25, 29Respectable SinsHarry and Shirley Lam
Download26 Jul 2015Lidcombe AM When I Feel Overwhelmed Psalms 55PsalmsJeremy Tan
Download26 Jul 2015Burwood AM Presenting People Fully Mature in Christ Colossians 1:24-2:5The Complete ChristianOwen Seto
Download26 Jul 2015Lidcombe PM When I feel overwhelmed Psalm 55PsalmsJeremy Tan
Download19 Jul 2015Lidcombe AM An Unfinished Race Numbers 13-14; Heb 3:5-4:11Numbers SeriesEugene Hor
Download19 Jul 2015Burwood AM The Supermacy of Christ Colossians 1:15-23The complete ChristianOwen Seto
Download19 Jul 2015Lidcombe PM Generation Degeneration Judges 2:6-3:6JudgesEugene Hor
Download12 Jul 2015Lidcombe AM Prayer Full Heart 1 Samuel 1:1-20Jesus PrayerThomas Lai
Download12 Jul 2015Lidcombe PM When Your Soul Is Crushed Psalm 42PsalmsEugene Hor
Download05 Jul 2015Lidcombe AM Prayer Full Heart 1 Samuel 1:1-20Jesus PrayerThomas Lai
Download08 Jul 2015Burwood PM Living And Praying For God Colossians 1:9-14Terrence Zheng
Download28 Jun 2015Burwood PM Praying For What We See Ephesians 1:15-23Daniel Lee
Download05 Jul 2015Burwood AM Celebrating Gospel Fruit Colossians 1:1-14The Complete ChristianOwen Seto
Download21 Jun 2015Lidcombe AM Light In A Dark Room - Pursuit Of Holiness Numbers 5:1-4Jesus On Wise StewardshipAndrew Ku
Download28 Jun 2015Burwood AM Praying to The God Who Forgives Our Sins Psalm 51PsalmJoshua
Download21 Jun 2015Burwood AM Learning to Pray Luke 11:1-13LukeSimon Wong
Download28 Jun 2015Lidcombe PM The Day of the Gospel Luke 24LukeSimon Wong
Download21 Jun 2015Lidcombe PM The Day of the Gospel Luke 23:32-43LukeSimon Wong
Download14 Jun 2015Lidcombe AM On The Road With Jesus Luke 9:51-62Jesus On Wise StewardshipEugene Hor
Download14 Jun 2015Burwood AM Loving God's Word Luke 10:38-42LukeSimon Wong
Download14 Jun 2015Lidcombe PM Suffering and Obedience Luke 22:39-46LukeBrendan Leighton
Download07 Jun 2015Lidcombe AM The Seed Among The Soils Luke 8:4-21Jesus On Wise StewardshipEugene Hor
Download07 Jun 2015Burwood AM Joseph: Blessed Through Suffering Genesis 37-46Salvation BeginsOwen Seto
Download07 Jun 2015Lidcombe PM The Parable About God Luke 20:9-19LukeSimon Wong
Download24 May 2015Lidcombe AM Owning Nothing, But Given Everything to Multiply Luke 16:11-27Jesus On Wise StewardshipEugene Hor
Download03 Jun 2015Burwood PM Shrewd Investing According To Jesus... Luke 16:1-15Eugene Hor
Download24 May 2015Burwood PM Everyone Needs A Good Defense 1 John 2:1-2Eugene Hor
Download31 May 2015Burwood AM This Is Love 1 John 4:7-12Biggest Morning TeaOwen Seto
Download24 May 2015Burwood AM The Story of Jacob: Getting God's Blessing Genesis 25-36GenesisJoshua
Download31 May 2015Lidcombe PM Prayer Full Heart 1 Samuel 1:1-20LukeSimon Wong
Download24 May 2015Lidcombe PM Jesus Came To Save The Lost Luke 19:1-10LukeSimon Wong
Download17 May 2015Lidcombe AM Shrewd Investing According To Jesus Luke 16:1-15Jesus On Wise StewardshipEugene Hor
Download17 May 2015Burwood AM Abraham's Faith & God's Faithfulness Genesis 15GenesisOwen Seto
Download17 May 2015Lidcombe PM Three Ways to Live Luke 18:9-14LukeSimon Wong
Download10 May 2015Lidcombe AM Guardian Redeemer Ruth 3 and 4RuthPeter Hughes
Download10 May 2015Burwood AM The Shrewd Manager Luke 16:1-13CompassionOwen Seto
Download10 May 2015Lidcombe PM Growing in Gratefulness Luke 17:11-19LukeSimon Wong
Download03 May 2015Lidcombe AM God's Welfare System Ruth 1 and 2Ruth (1 and 2)Peter Hughes
Download03 May 2015Burwood AM God's Heart For The Poor Luke 5:17-25CompassionPaul Beeston
Download03 May 2015Burwood PM Rejection Is The Start 1 Samuel 15: 1-231 SamuelThomas Lai
Download03 May 2015Lidcombe PM The Best Investment Luke 16:1-15LukeSimon Wong
Download26 Apr 2015Lidcombe AM Do You Know Who You Follow? 1 John 2:3-61 JohnDaniel Lee
Download12 Apr 2015Burwood PM The Root Of The Christian Life: Brokenness Matthew 5:1-6MatthewOwen Seto
Download26 Apr 2015Burwood AM God's Call to The Rich 1 Tim.6:6-191 TimothyEugene Hor
Download26 Apr 2015Burwood PM Called To Serve 1 Samuel 12: 1-251 SamuelThomas Lai
Download26 Apr 2015Lidcombe PM The Enemy of Gods Mission 2 Cor 5:11-6:2Gospel MotivationEugene Hor
Download19 Apr 2015Lidcombe PM The Means To Gods Mission 2 Cor 5:11-6:2Gospel MotivationEugene Hor
Download19 Apr 2015Lidcombe AM Who Do You Say You Are? 1 John 1:5-2:2Jeremy Tan
Download19 Apr 2015Burwood AM The Power Behind Generous Compassion 2 Corinthians 8:1-92 CorinthiansEugene Hor
Download05 Apr 2015Lidcombe AM Jonah, The Big Fish & Jesus Jonah 2Eugene Hor
Download12 Apr 2015Burwood AM The Call Of The Jericho Road Luke 10:25-37CompassionEugene Hor
Download05 Apr 2015Burwood PM Love That Lasts Romans 5: 6-11RomansOwen Seto
Download05 Apr 2015Burwood AM Love That Lasts Romans 5:6-11Salvation BeginsOwen Seto
Download12 Apr 2015Lidcombe PM The Compelling Power that Drives Commitment 2 Cor 5:11-6:2Gospel MotivationEugene Hor
Download05 Apr 2015Lidcombe PM Easter Sunday Jonah 2Easter SundayEugene Hor
Download29 Mar 2015Lidcombe AM God's Mission: The Means and Power Luke 24:44-53; Acts 1:1-14; Matt. 28:16-20Eugene Hor
Download29 Mar 2015Burwood AM The Promise Genesis 12Salvation BeginsOwen Seto
Download29 Mar 2015Lidcombe PM Engaging The City Acts 17:16-34Vision Series 2015Simon Wong
Download22 Mar 2015Lidcombe AM The Compelling Power That Drives Commitment 2 Corinthians 5:11-6:2Eugene Hor
Download22 Mar 2015Burwood PM Loving The City 2 Timothy 3:172 TimothyThomas Lai
Download22 Mar 2015Burwood AM The Tower Of Babel Genesis 11:1-9Salvation BeginsOwen Seto
Download22 Mar 2015Lidcombe PM Loving Each Other Mark 12:28-34Vision Series 2015Simon Wong
Download15 Mar 2015Lidcombe AM Samson: Lion Killer With A Sweet Tooth Judges 13:1-16:31JudgesEugene Hor
Download15 Mar 2015Burwood AM The Spread Of Sin Genesis 6Salvation BeginsOwen Seto
Download15 Mar 2015Lidcombe PM Pursuing Jesus Philippians 3:4-11Vision Series 2015Simon Wong
Download08 Mar 2015Lidcombe AM Jephthah: From Triumph To Tragedy Judges 10:6-12:15JudgesEugene Hor
Download08 Mar 2015Burwood AM First Blood Genesis 4Salvation BeginsOwen Seto
Download08 Mar 2015Burwood PM Loving Each Other (Part I) 2 Timothy 3:16Loving Each OtherThomas Lai
Download08 Mar 2015Lidcombe PM The Mission Of God Revelation 4 - 5Vision Series 2015Simon Wong
Download01 Mar 2015Lidcombe AM Abimelech: The Kingship of the Thornbush Judges 8:33-10:5JudgesEugene Hor
Download02 Mar 2015Burwood AM Q & A Genesis 16:1-6, Romans 4:1-12, Luke 4:14-30, Lev 25:8-18Everything We NeedPeter Moore
Download01 Mar 2015Burwood AM Jesus Our King Luke 2:1-14Everything We NeedPeter Moore
Download27 Feb 2015Burwood AM Jesus Our Prophet Genesis 16:1-6, Romans 4:1-12Everything We NeedPeter Moore
Download28 Feb 2015Burwood AM Jesus Our Priest Luke 4:14-30, Lev 25:8-18Everything We NeedPeter Moore
Download28 Feb 2015Burwood AM Christ As Prophet Genesis 16:1-6, Romans 4:1-12Everything We NeedPeter Moore
Download01 Mar 2015Lidcombe PM When I Don't Like God Luke 15:11-32LukeJeremy Tan
Download22 Feb 2015Lidcombe AM Following In His Steps 1 Peter 2:18-251 Peter SeriesEugene Hor
Download22 Feb 2015Burwood AM The Fall Genesis 3Salvation BeginsOwen Seto
Download22 Feb 2015Lidcombe PM Thanksgiving and Prayer Colossians 1:3-7ColossiansKevin Huynh
Download15 Feb 2015Lidcombe AM Living As Citizens Of Another Kingdom 1 Peter 2:13-171 Peter SeriesEugene Hor
Download15 Feb 2015Burwood PM Faith Redefined Through Suffering 1 Peter 1: 7-121 PeterEugene Hor
Download15 Feb 2015Burwood AM Marriage Is For .... Genesis 2Salvation BeginsOwen Seto
Download15 Feb 2015Lidcombe PM But Unless You Repent... Luke 13:1-8LukeSimon Wong
Download08 Feb 2015Lidcombe AM No Longer Strangers In The World 1 Peter 2:9-101 Peter SeriesEugene Hor
Download08 Feb 2015Lidcombe PM Parable of the Rich Fool Luke 12:13-21LukeSimon Wong
Download08 Feb 2015Burwood AM Made In The Image Of God Genesis 1:26-31Salvation BeginsOwen Seto
Download01 Feb 2015Lidcombe AM The 'House' God is Building 1 Peter 2:4-101 PeterEugene Hor
Download01 Feb 2015Burwood AM The Meaning and Purpose of Life Genesis 1Salvation BeginsOwen Seto
Download01 Feb 2015Lidcombe PM Teach Me Your Ways Psalm 25PsalmOwen Seto
Download25 Jan 2015Lidcombe AM Gideon: In Need Of Assurance Judges 6-7Judges SeriesEugene Hor
Download25 Jan 2015Burwood AM The Anthem Of The Christian Life Psalm 27PsalmsHarry Lam
Download18 Jan 2015Lidcombe AM A Smashing Salvation Judges 4Judges SeriesEugene Hor
Download18 Jan 2015Burwood PM Glory To God, The Source Of Salvation Judges 4JudgesTerrence Zheng
Download18 Jan 2015Burwood AM Test Me And Try Me, Lord Psalm 26PsalmKevin Huynh
Download11 Jan 2015Lidcombe AM What Do You Do With A Left Handed Saviour Judges 3: 12-30Judges SeriesChester Wong
Download11 Jan 2015Lidcombe PM Good & Faithful Servant Luke 19:11-27LukeChester Wong
Download11 Jan 2015Burwood AM Teach Me Your Ways Psalm 25PsalmOwen Seto
Download04 Jan 2015Lidcombe AM Generation Degeneration Judges 2:6-3:6Judges SeriesEugene Hor
Download04 Jan 2015Lidcombe PM The Blessed One Psalm 1One Way To LiveSimon Wong
Download04 Jan 2015Burwood AM Celebrating The God Who Owns It All Psalm 24PsalmsOwen Seto

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