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Sermons of 2010
Date Topic Verses Speaker
26 Dec The Good Shepherd (Auburn) (Burwood) John 10:1-21 Owen Seto
25 Dec All I Need For Christmas Is... Luke 1:1-12, 25-35; Matt 1:21 Eugene Hor
19 Dec The Gift of Living Water (Auburn) (Burwood) John 4:1-30 Daniel Shih
12 Dec From Darkness to Light (Auburn) (Burwood) John 9 Simon Wong
05 Dec You must be born again (Auburn) (Burwood) John 3:1-15 Owen Seto
28 Nov A Mission To Our City & The Next Generation (Auburn) (Burwood) (Outline) Acts 13 Eugene Hor
21 Nov Preparing Yourself Personally For Mission (Auburn) (Burwood) (Outline) 1 Cor 9:1-27 Eugene Hor
14 Nov The Enemy Of God's Mission (Auburn) (Burwood) (Outline) Luk 11:14-23 Eugene Hor
07 Nov The Means to Accomplishing Our Mission (Auburn) (Burwood) (Outline) Luk 10:1-20 Eugene Hor
31 Oct A Community Called to God's Mission (Auburn) (Burwood) (Outline) Rev 4 Eugene Hor
23 Oct Camp Talk 1: Love the Lord your God
Camp Talk 2: The horror of idolatry
Camp Talk 3: The heart of the problem
Deuteronomy Andrew Hong
17 Oct Work In the Service of God (Auburn) (Burwood) Eph 6:5-9 Chester Wong
10 Oct Work Against The Tide (Auburn) (Burwood) Daniel 1 Andrew Ku
03 Oct Work, Rest and Play (Auburn) (Burwood) Ex 20:8-11, Ps 127 Owen Seto
26 Sep Works That Looks Forward (Auburn) (Burwood) 1 Tim 6:17-19 Chester Wong
19 Sep The Corruption of Work (Auburn) (Burwood) Gen 3:17-19; 11:1-9 Owen Seto
12 Sep Why Work is Good (Auburn) (Burwood) Gen 2:1-18 Owen Seto
05 Sep Beyond the Daily Grind (Auburn) (Burwood) Ecc 12 Eugene Hor
29 Aug In the Grip of Time (Auburn) (Burwood) Ecc 3:1-15 Eugene Hor
22 Aug Only Fools Miss The House Of Mourning (Auburn) (Burwood) Ecc 7-9 Chester Wong
15 Aug Climbing the Ladder to Nowhere (Outline) Ecc 4-6 Owen Seto
08 Aug Is This Life Worth Living For? (Auburn) (Burwood)
Ecc 1:12-2:26 Eugene Hor
01 Aug Life Under the Sun (Auburn) (Burwood)
(Sermon Notes) (Outline)
Ecc 1:1-11 Eugene Hor
25 Jul Everyone Lives To Imitate (Auburn) (Burwood)
(Sermon Notes) (Outline)
Eph 5:1 Eugene Hor
18 Jul The Old vs The New Life: Forgiveness (Auburn) (Burwood)
(Sermon Notes) (Outline)
Eph 4:31-32 Eugene Hor
11 Jul The Old vs The New Life (Auburn) (Burwood)
(Sermon Notes) (Outline)
Eph 4:29-32 Eugene Hor
04 Jul The Old vs The New Life (Auburn) (Burwood)
(Sermon Notes) (Outline)
Eph 4:25-28 Eugene Hor
27 Jun Living By A New Reality (Auburn) (Burwood)
(Sermon Notes) (Outline)
Eph 4:17-24 Eugene Hor
20 Jun Hope of Glory (Auburn) (Burwood) Ex 34:6-7 Andrew Ku
13 Jun Golden Calf Spirituality (Auburn) (Burwood) Ex 32 Andrew Ku
06 Jun The God who dwells with His People (Auburn) (Burwood) Ex 25 - 31 Andrew Ku
30 May Who are we? (Auburn) (Burwood) Ex 19:1-6 Andrew Ku
23 May Learning to love God's law (Auburn) (Burwood)
Ex 20:1 - 21 Owen Seto
16 May Saul: The King With A Dark Side 1Sam 15 Eugene Hor
09 May What do you prefer: Bread from heaven or pots of meat in Egypt? (Auburn) (Burwood)
(Sermon Notes) (Outline)
Ex 16 Andrew Ku
02 May The Red Sea Crisis (Auburn) (Burwood)
(Sermon Notes) (Outline)
Ex 13:17 - 15:21 Owen Seto
25 Apr Remember the passover (Auburn) (Burwood)
(Sermon Notes) (Outline)
Ex 11 - 13 Owen Seto
20 Apr The Battlers Guide To True Success - Owen's ordination Lk 12:8-9; 12-26 Peter Moore
18 Apr Who is the Lord? (Auburn) (Burwood)
(Sermon Notes) (Outline)
Ex 5 - 10 Owen Seto
11 Apr Israel's cry and God's answer (Auburn) (Burwood)
(Sermon Notes) (Outline)
Ex 1 - 4 Owen Seto
04 Apr The crown of thorns (Auburn) (Burwood) Rom 5:6-8, Lu 23:13-25, 32-49, 24:1-9 Eugene Hor
28 Mar Your Part In God's Community (Auburn) (Burwood)
(Sermon Notes) (Outline)
Eph 4.14-16 Eugene Hor
21 Mar God's Purpose For Our Many Gifts (Auburn) (Burwood)
(Sermon Notes) (Outline)
Eph 4:7-13 Eugene Hor
14 Mar Living Out Your Calling In Community (Auburn) (Burwood)
(Sermon Notes) (Outline)
Eph 4:1-8 Eugene Hor
07 Mar Paul's Prayer and Our Desires (Auburn) (Burwood)
(Sermon Notes) (Outline)
Eph 3:14-20 Eugene Hor
28 Feb God's Purpose For His Community
(Sermon Notes) (Outline)
Eph 3:7-13 Eugene Hor
21 Feb The Church God Is Building (Auburn) (Burwood)
(Sermon Notes - Auburn) (Sermon Notes - Burwood) (Outline)
Eph 2:18-22 Eugene Hor
14 Feb God's New Community (Auburn) (Burwood)
(Sermon Notes) (Outline)
Eph 2:11-17 Eugene Hor
07 Feb Saved For More (Auburn) (Burwood)
(Sermon Notes) (Outline)
Eph 2:10 Eugene Hor
31 Jan Pursuing Joy in Lasting Treasure (Auburn) (Burwood) Matt 6:19-24 Eugene Hor
24 Jan Auburn: Godly Wisdom for Wise Parenting
Burwood: A City and a Vine
Prov 4-6
Jonah 4
Owen Seto
17 Jan Auburn: Marriage Profoundly Understood in Jesus
Burwood: The God of Second Chances
Eph 5:21-33
Jonah 3
John Cheng
Chester Wong
10 Jan Auburn: Training Children in the Ways of God
Burwood: Unexpected Grace in an Exposed Christian Life
Deut 6:1-9
Jonah 2
Andrew Ku
Dan Au
03 Jan Auburn: God's Design for Marriage
Burwood: Mercy in the Midst of Mayhem
Gen 2:18-25
Jonah 1
Chester Wong
Andrew Leung

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